Student Leadership Team – Team/Role Descriptions

Connect Team (Sunday AM)

Creating a culture in which students feel comfortable and welcome, Connect Team members will specifically connect with guests, first-timers, families and anyone who needs to be connected or who needs a follow-up


  • Engage in conversation with every student and leader as they arrive
  • Use high fives, first bumps and smiles
  • Holding doors open at major entry points
  • Sign holding and Parking Lot greeting
  • Connect and direct visitors to our Guest Hub

Guest Hub and Student Check-In

  • Set up student check-in system with tables and iPads
  • Set up the Guest Hub
  • Assist visitors and families with completingforms and connecting them to Connect Group Leaders and other students


  • Send texts and make phone calls to visitors after they visit to welcome them and invite those students back to our next activity
  • Follow up with students who have been absent for multiple weeks
  • Be available to assist student staff in communication to other groups of students to promote events and activities.

Serve Team (Sunday AM)

Creating an environment where students can engage and experience the truth of Jesus, the Serve Team members will assist logistically with setups, cleaning and physical needs around the ministry

Sunday Morning Setup

  • Pop-up banners, sandwich board signs and exterior flags
  • Chair and table setups in rooms (as necessary)
  • Set up and serving of donuts and other breakfasts on designated weeks
  • Other items as needed

Clean Up

  • Put away all the items listed above
  • Assist with trash and cleaning at the end of the Connect Group hour

Tech Team (Sunday and MDWK)

An avenue for students to be engaged through the use of various types of media, the Tech Team will be trained and will assist with various parts of the programing for large group times. This will happen in both Studio 3 (primarily MS) and Big Room (primarily HS).


  • Power on and setup the audio board, computers and light board
  • Assist staff/leaders with screens and slides as necessary
  • Sound check (for speakers and worship team when necessary)
  • Prepare lights and cues for service (as necessary)


  • Run ProPresenter for worship and teaching slides (as necessary)
  • Run audio board and play environment music as students enter and exit
  • Run light cues and effects


  • Power off and shut down necessary AVL equipment
  • Help clean and store equipment and space (as necessary)

Worship Team

  • Assist Worship Team with rehearsals and sound checks (Sunday afternoons when needed)


Creating a space for students and their friends to connect with Jesus and each other, the MDWK Team combines many of the roles from Sunday morning to assist the Student Staff in running the MDWK program.


  • Assist staff with restocking and setup of The Corner
  • Turn on video games and set up game tables in Café
  • Ensure that The Courts have all necessary balls and equipment
  • Assist staff with special room setups as necessary
  • Clean up and putting away of supplies and equipment after MDWK


  • Greet and welcome students to MDWK
  • Help identified visitors feel welcomed and introduce them to other students and staff
  • Assist staff with announcement, games and programming during the service (as necessary)

Worship Team (MDWK, Special Events)

Providing an opportunity for students to worship and engage with God through music, the Worship team will use their gifts and talents to lead their peers in worship. This is primarily done during MDWK but could include other special opportunities. This team is led by Meghan Goad and requires an additional audition.


  • Be selected to participate after auditioning for staff
  • Attend weekly rehearsals
  • Come prepared and having practiced every week


  • Sound check and rehearsal
  • Leading Student Ministry in worship
  • Assist with instrument and stage cleaning